Brian Caldwell

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Pepperell
Current City: Hudson, NH
Hometown: Hudson, NH, USA
Total Jumps: 2900
Year of First Jump: 1996
First Wingsuit Flight: 2003
Occupation: Industrial Technician

Jason Bresson

Home Drop Zone: CPI & The Ranch
Current City: Torrington, CT
Total Jumps: 1200
Year of First Jump: 2010
First Wingsuit Flight: 2011
Occupation: Arborist

Steve Hubbard

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Deland
Current City: Deland, FL
Current City: Bethel, CT
Total Jumps: 1500
Year of First Jump: 2011
First Wingsuit Flight: 2012
Occupation: IT Specialist

Joe Ridler

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Midwest
Current City: Chicago, IL
Hometown: Moorhead, MN
Total Jumps: 560
Year of First Jump: 2008
First Wingsuit Flight: 2013
Occupation: Director of Production, Jansy Packaging

Simon Repton

Home Drop Zone: Skydive City
Current City: Montrose, CO
Hometown: Grantham, UK
Total Wingsuit Jumps: 1000+
Year of First Jump: 1998
First Wingsuit Flight: 2008
Occupation: President, Wicked Wingsuits, Inc.; IT Consultant

Jake "Feather" Morse

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Twin Cities
Current City: Minneapolis, MN
Current City: Northfield, MN
Total Jumps: 800
Year of First Jump: 2010
Year of First Jump: 2012
Occupation: SQL Programmer

Kyle Lobpries

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Perris
Current City: San Diego, CA
Hometown: Katy, TX
Total Jumps: 750
Year of First Jump: 2010
Year of First Jump: 2012
Occupation: US Marine Corps Officer, Attack Helicopter Pilot

Kristian Szczepitko

Home Drop Zone: Skydive Elsinore
Current City: Ladera Ranch, CA
Hometown: Coff Harbour, Australia
Total Jumps: 1150
Year of First Jump: 2011
Year of First Jump: 2012
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Lori Butz

Home Drop Zone: Parachute Center, Acampo
Current City: San Francisco, CA
Hometown: Milwaukee, WI
Total Jumps: 1000
Year of First Jump: 2007
First Wingsuit Flight: 2009
Occupation: Surgical Tech

Scott Callantine

Home Drop Zone: Kapowsin Air Sports/Jet City Skydiving
Current City: Bremerton, WA
Hometown: Montclair, VA
Total Jumps: 5500
Year of First Jump: 1990
First Wingsuit Flight: 2005
Occupation: Business Development Mgr.

Team Manager
Douglas Spotted Eagle


Home Drop Zone: Elsinore
Current City: Toronto, Ontario
Total Jumps: 6000+
Year of First Jump: 2006
Occupation: Entertainment