2016 USPA Nationals at Skydive Arizona in Eloy
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05:51 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

8-Way is slowly coming to a close. It’s been an extraordinary day of competition. Here’s what the podiums look like through 9 rounds, barring a videographer not capturing any part of the dive in round 10! 


GOLD - US Army Golden Knights
SILVER - Arizona Airspeed
BRONZE - Amphibious Attack Tigers 


GOLD - Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears 
SILVER - Perris Kisses
BRONZE - The French 8-Way Team 


GOLD - AF Afterburn
SILVER - SDC Octomino XP
BRONZE - Salty Pr8zels 

PHOTO BY David Cherry, D Squared

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04:37 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

Air Force Academy going up for round 9.

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04:19 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

We’ve not been talking to too many teams as they are hyper-focused on the task at hand. Priority is to get to the podium.


The race is for third place. Paraclete XP8 and the Amphibious Attack Tigers have been going back and forth in position all day with swings of up to three points in some rounds. XP8 struggled in the 8th round allowing Amphibious Attack Tigers to move ahead by three points going into the 9th round. Usually, you’d think AAT would probably have it locked, but the scoring swings between these two teams have been so wide that it’s inconclusive until everyone lands from round ten. The US Army Golden Knights are cruising to gold as is Airspeed to silver.

I think the gold and silver teams are now more concerned about what theme song they’ll be playing when they walk up to the podium at tonight’s awards ceremony than they are their final position. It’s a done deal for them.


Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears are literally eating gummi bears in free fall as they have gold in their sights with no close contenders. The battle here is for silver.

Perris Kisses hold a two-point lead over the (Louis) French 8-Way team with two rounds remaining. THIS WILL BE CLOSE.


SDC Octomino XP now holds a two point lead over the Salty Pr8zels. AF Afterburn just continues to impress.

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03:32 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

The teams are so tight, we are not doing too many interviews as everyone is so focused. This is down to the wire depending on the class

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02:59 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

Perris Kisses had a three point lead. Things are tightening up!!!

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02:56 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

Who will take bronze in 8-way?! Wow!!! Down to the wire.

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01:44 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

Scores are slowly getting caught up and we can see how things are heating up. We will up our coverage as we are now getting into the later rounds of the comp. 


With a few rounds to go, the gold and silver are a forgone conclusion with Golden Knights and Airspeed locking those places down. We are seeing a back and forth battle between Amphibious Attack Tigers and XP 8. Only 1 point separates them from each other and the bronze medal. This will be interesting. 


Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears continue to hold their position at the top while Perris Kisses have a 3 point lead over Louis French’s - French 8-Way Team. Since our first update this morning, it appears that Spaceland Lite 8 is slowly slipping from the podium. 


AF Afterburn has gold locked barring anything crazy, but the most interesting battle of the day continues between Salty Pr8zels (33 thru 6 rounds) and SDC Ocotmino XP (32 points thru 6 rounds). 

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01:20 PM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

There were some whispers around the DZ that Round 6 may be an opportunity to break a world record 33 points set by the Golden Knights in 2015. It was not to be. The Knights finished with an impressive 30.

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09:41 AM - Wed. Oct 26, 2016

It’s like Groundhog Day at Skydive Arizona. Everything is streamlined and moving with efficiency. It’s 7:30am and we’ve been jumping for 45 minutes already. Open and Advanced completed three rounds yesterday with Intermediate completing 2 rounds. It will be a full day today which will then flow into the awards ceremony tonight for both 4-way and 8-way. 

What has been most impressive is the physical and mental stamina of all the competitors. Jumping has been going on literally from sun up to sun down. 

Yesterday, the winning 4-way teams hardly had time to celebrate their hard-fought victories before dirt diving the first round of 8-Way. 

As we begin this morning, we have a few things developing: 

8-Way OPEN 

Not surprisingly, the US Army Golden Knights have taken an early lead and it is expected that they will only continue to separate themselves from the field. This is their specialty and it shows. Arizona Airspeed has the second position under lock, but we all can’t help but marvel at the cool factor that two of the original Airspeed members are on this team. Dan BC and Jack Jefferies aren’t on this team for posterity… these guys are still world class skydivers and the results are showing that. 

The battle to watch today in the Open Class is who will take the bronze medal. XP-8, led by another Airspeed original, Kirk Verner, is locked with the Amphibious Attack Tigers with an impressive lineup which includes Nick Grillet, Sally Hathaway, and Ari Perelman. 


Leading the way in Advanced is the most creative name in the field: Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears. Their cool name and incredibly cool team tee shirts (pictured) must be helping as they have a six point lead in the early-goings. 

Advanced will be really interesting to watch today as there are three teams tightly bunched behind Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears. 

Perris Kisses, Spaceland Lite 8 and The French 8-Way Team (named due to their team captain, Louis French), are all vying for the silver and bronze positions. This will be tight as all three teams have a lot of talent.


The team that may leave Nationals with the most to celebrate are the men and women from the US Air Force Academy. AF Bachelor Party took third in 4-way yesterday, literally in the last second with the last point. Riding that momentum, the 8-way team is showing that they are well-coached and showing experience and discipline seen with more mature teams. After two rounds, they lead by 5. 

Like the other classes, Intermediate is tightly bunched and who stands on the podium at the end of the day is anyone’s guess; especially this early in the meet. 

A team of note is Team We Are Larry Moore. This team is the sentimental favorite as their well respected, teammate Larry Moore passed away earlier this year. In honor of Larry, the team renamed themselves as a tribute to their friend. 

It’s going to be a full day here at Skydive Arizona. Stay tuned and watch the USPA Facebook page for interviews with the various teams. 

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06:26 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

This is what you’d call a bunch of skydiving studs. Arizona Airspeed 8-way. The Golden Knights are leading the way with Airspeed and Amphibious Attack Tigers in third. 

The Advanced Class is much more tightly bunched with Sugar Free Haribo Gummi Bears leading the way there. We’d like to acknowledge that this is an amazing team name. 

The Intermediate Class has 11 teams competing and the team from the Air Force Academy is taking the high from the their 4-way result and applying it in 8-Way. Very impressive! 

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04:27 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

The competition continues! With 4-way results finalized we are transitioning into 8-way. Open class 8-way is now landing from round 1.

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02:39 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

AF Bachelor Party just secured third place in Advanced coming in from behind.

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02:11 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

Third place, US Army Golden Knights

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02:10 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

Second place, SDC Rhythm XP

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02:10 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

National Champs.

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01:10 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

Your National Champions. Arizona Airspeed.

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01:08 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

SDC Rhythm XP being interviewed.

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01:05 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

SDC Rhythm XP lands from Round 10. Silver Medalists.

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12:50 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

US Army Golden Knights wait for the tram for Round 10. Airspeed is boarding round 10 to wrap up their meet.

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12:44 PM - Tue. Oct 25, 2016

The 9th round has been scored and Ranch 2nd Generation has taken a 6 point lead moving into the final round in the second position.

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