2016 USPA Nationals at Skydive Arizona in Eloy
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07:59 PM - Mon. Oct 24, 2016

It’s been an incredible day of skydiving. World class performances by the top teams and fun for those competing for the first time. Everyone has completed Round 7, however scoring for round 7 won’t resume until after the 8-Way briefing scheduled to begin in a few minutes. Scores will be released, but later tonight. 

07:11 PM - Mon. Oct 24, 2016

Round 7 is complete. The first day of 4-way is in the bag and we wait for scores from what was a very.fast.round.

06:08 PM - Mon. Oct 24, 2016

Team Zeus from Skydive City in ZHills. We’ll be interviewing them after they get down from Round 6.

Getting a little overcast, but ceiling still high. Open class teams are about 30 minutes out.

05:24 PM - Mon. Oct 24, 2016

Open class teams are down from round 6. Here’s the draw for round 7: K-B-Q-P-C

It’s going to be faaassstt!

04:58 PM - Mon. Oct 24, 2016

Arizona Airspeed just put the hammer down with 39 in round 5. Truly a stunning performance as any team will be lucky to break 30 in that round. As we get deeper into the round, Airspeed seems to be getting better and better. Coordinators are looking to get 7 rounds in and at the rate Airspeed is going, we may see a new world record in round 7. It’s a super speedy random draw